Tina Stevens.

Tina Stevens

Chief Problem Solver

Secondary Solutions CEO Tina Stevens grew up at a time where women knew their place in business —and that was being at the top of their game in everything they did. With a military school education at Vermont’s prestigious Norwich University, Tina’s earliest influencers taught her the importance of “thinking differently” especially as it related to business processes and applications.   

When Tina first began working in the male-dominated manufacturing industry, she quickly discovered that she was someone who saw solutions where others might have only seen problems. After carefully examining the many challenges of modern manufacturing, Tina was on her way to a new venture in Florida when she stopped along the way in Spartanburg, SC. It was there in South Carolina’s rapidly evolving manufacturing community that Tina saw an entrepreneurial opportunity with the creation of Secondary Solutions, a company solely designed to solve the many challenges that manufacturers face.

Secondary Solutions has developed a stellar reputation as the company known for solving errors and failures in product design, assembly, and delivery. Their roster of clients includes major appliance, healthcare, packaging, and industrial equipment manufacturers—along with first tier automotive companies like BMW and aerospace leaders like Boeing. In addition to her executive duties at Secondary Solutions, Tina also serves as a board member for the Greater Women’s Business Council (GWBC). She is also a part of the National Forum of the WBENC (the largest certifier and advocate of women-owned businesses in the U.S) to help strengthen women’s business opportunities across the nation. Along with having a woman-owned business that is also a certified ISO9001:2015 Company, Tina is most proud that-since founding Secondary Solutions in 1997-they have established a legacy of success in problem-solving for clients.

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Mindy Tobin.

Mindy Tobin

Assistant Chief Problem Solver

As a former registered nurse, Sales and Marketing Director Mindy Tobin knows a thing or two about searching for solutions to make things better. That’s why Mindy says that her years of healing sick people has helped her position Secondary Solutions as the “go to pro” for mending the many problems associated with the manufacturing process. Since coming on board in 2016, Mindy has forged successful relationships with some of the top companies in the nation, helping each with a triage plan of their own to ensure a timely and cost-effective response for their unique needs.

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Andrea Reeder.

Andrea Reeder

Problem Solver

As a former member of the banking industry, Andrea Reeder was doing financial business with CEO Tina Stevens for several years when Tina asked Andrea to invest in her own new career at Secondary Solutions. From that time, Andrea never looked back and jumped into SSI where she now manages everything from payroll and scheduling to management and customer relations. Andrea describes Secondary Solutions as the company that “perfects people’s products.” She is extremely proud to work with coworkers who become experts at any task asked of them and points to the interesting variety of jobs that SSI does for manufacturing clients.

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Laura Ramirez.

Laura Ramirez

Problem Solver

Laura has worked in the manufacturing assembly industry for over two decades. She first worked with CEO Tina Stevens in an early iteration of the company and is extremely proud to have worked on everything from human resources to client relations, training and even loading the occasional truck. She truly enjoys all aspects of the business, but her biggest point of pride is the extremely favorable reputation of Secondary Solutions. “We work in a business where people come and go—and I’m so proud that a majority of our workers have been with us a decade or longer,” she says. “The success of Secondary Solutions all boils down to respect…the respect we have for our clients and the respect we have for our workers.”


“Secondary Solutions is different because they handle everything from staffing to taking care of every issue that may come up. They really care about our thoughts and needs and they are very quick to act. We have never had an issue they haven’t been able to immediately fix and we really appreciate their business and what they do for us.”

Danae Cooney Food Packaging Industry Client