Service Highlights

We think the human eye is still the best inspection tool a manufacturer will ever need.

You can have your long or short term inspections conducted on the line, end of the line, on the dock or have your product inspected at our facility.

The smallest defect can cause the biggest problem. That’s why we give the “Great Catch” award to employees who save the day for our clients.

We can rework your product as we are inspecting it, including cleaning, assembly, sanding, polishing, and machining.

What this service offers

Certified 3rd Party Inspection
Certified 3rd Party Rework
Certified 3rd Party Sorting
GP 12 Inspection

“Secondary Solutions makes my life easier. I get quality work performed by trained employees at a competitive price and the work is performed by a certified supplier. There is never any question who I call when I need solutions to my problems.”

Sharon Rochester Truck Supplier Client